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"Craig, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your Turbulence Training System to whip myself back into shape after a vacation. I've dropped 10.2 lbs. of bodyfat in the last 28 days. As a fellow fitness professional I can safely say that it's the best and most efficient approach to improving body composition that I've come across."

Pat Rigsby, President, Fitness Consulting Group

"Turbulence Training is phenomenal, Craig's system has taught me more about bodyweight exercises than I knew was possible.  Also with a busy life style he offers exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime with little to no equipment.  It is affordable and worthwhile. Thanks Craig."

Darren Motuz, Winnipeg, MB

"I started on Craig's interval training to get in shape for a backpacking trip.  After the trip, I turned to his 6 month bodyweight program as a way to get in shape and stay in shape.  The program is very effective.  It has increased my mobility, balance, strength and endurance, and I have lost 25 lbs.  But there are two things that really stand out.  The first is these exercises are safe.  I'm 52 and have a bad shoulder, back, the usual stuff that doesn't work so well.  The bodyweight exercises have strengthened the joints and eliminated the pain and stiffness.  I enjoy activities I wouldn't consider a year ago.  The second is these are exercises that I use in everyday life, from weekend sports to yard work.  It's much more than just dropping a few pounds, or the way you look.  They have truly improved the quality of my life everyday. Thanks Craig!"

John Mudd

"Dear Craig, I just had the pleasure of reviewing your TT for Fat Loss Manual. I had heard many things about Turbulence Training and had to experience it for myself. After reviewing the complete deluxe edition I can say that Mr. Ballantyne has developed a systematic full proof system that can transform anyone into a fat burning machine. Whether you are an average joe, stay at home mom, or an all-star athlete simply applying the information in Turbulence Training for Fat Loss will provide you with the most useful , systematic, and most importantly fun fat shredding workouts you will ever experience. Best of all you don't need any fancy equipment just your body and a dumbbell or two and your ready to go. So here is the bottom line, no more excuses , just results if you want to change your appearance , and your health God gives you and the power and Craig will show you the way. What are you waiting for? Purchase Turbulence Training for Fat Loss today! If you don't believe me contact me personally at Info@highoctanefitness.com. "

Mike Mahon, CSCS, High Octane Fitness, Orange County, CA

"As a certified fitness professional for more than 8 years, i have come across every kind of "fat-loss" promise...in less than 3 months of Turbulence Training, i have dropped almost 10 pounds,but more importantly, i have also dropped over 9% BODY FAT. Since many of Craig's programs require minimum equiptment, or none at all,except your own body weight, they are ideal for the home client, as well as the "road warrior". Along with a safe,sane sensible eating plan, which NEVER leaves me hungry, i credit
Turbulence Training for my body change accomplishments."

Jason Koronakos, New York, Fitness Professional



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